What is a Writer?

Ever wonder what a writer’s really like? His deepest thoughts, his desires, his hopes for the future? What’s the point of his existence? Does he actually have a purpose to exist, and if so, what is it? Is he prophet, evil genius, or just handy with words? Welcome to my blog.

Some essential points about me: American, of the masculine persuasion, ex-pat for the past thirty years, old enough to be your father, both lover and chastiser of the world as we know it, and Caucasian—please don’t hold that against me til you’ve heard me out. Finally, I’m a serious writer—artist, not craftsman—and I’ve never tried to entertain you but rather show you a path you may not have been aware of. A good writer is a guide, although I’m a guide without followers. But I do know where I’m going.

Here’s my proposal. I’ve written all my life (you’ll hear all about it) but I’ve had just one book published (and half a dozen newspaper articles), and one play produced. Not much for a lifetime’s work. I want to tell you about the work. This isn’t about selling books—none of the works I’ll describe here have been published so you can’t buy them. Yet obviously I think enough of them to leave a record of them so that when I’m just a wisp of smoke in someone’s imagination, the work survives. Thus this blog is archival and not commercial. Believe me when I say that.

I want to start by describing my later books, as I consider them my major works, then the ideas behind them. That’ll give you some indication of what my concerns have been. Don’t give up if the “philosophy” of it isn’t to your liking, because then you’ll hear all the personal stuff I’ve never told anyone—it could make quite a story, I think. You’ll hear things you’ve maybe never heard before. The good, the bad, possibly even the shocking. If you’ve ever wanted to look inside a person—not just the guy down the street but someone whose life has been a mission, a quest for the truth of human existence—then you may have come to the right place. If you’re not interested in such things, thanks for dropping in and I truly wish you all the best.


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