What the Books Are All About

A Quick Look at the Themes

Some Philosophical Considerations

On to the Future or Return to the Past?

Hey Rain, What Kind of American Are You?

Thoughts on My Legacy as a Writer

My Method of Writing

How I Started

My Female Protagonists

Why I Don’t Write Movies

Form vs Content

Am I An Intellectual?

Humor in My Writing

What It’s Like to be Unknown

The Minor Works

Other Writings

Why I Stopped Writing Poetry

Having a Mentor

What’s With All the Journals?

Am I a Loner?

Why Do I Write?

Is My Writing Autobiographical?

Realist or Idealist?

Realist or Idealist Part II

I Put My Money Where My Mouth Is

Writers Are Selfish Bastards

The Question of Religion

Life of the Body

Rage Against the Machine

I’m Not a Promoter

My One Publication

The Cult of Celebrity

The Simple Life—Is It Boring?

The Key to Happiness

Good and Evil

The Myth of Return to Paradise

The End of the Road


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